Back to School

Back to school is upon us and nothing throws us into a panic of preparation, like North Carolina’s Tax Free Weekend.   This coming weekend August 2nd – 4th will mark the LAST Tax Free Weekend for school prep. and purchases.   Here are some of the essentials that we recommend tracking down this weekend:

a good bookbag

great bookbag in all sizes and good for schools with label and character restrictions

great bookbag in all sizes and good for schools with label and character restrictions

Finding the right bookbag for your child for pre-k to high school, has been made a lot easier by Lands End.  They make bookbags for all sizes and come in fun colors, with no character themes and stand the test of time. We like this new floral print shown in medium, which is great for kindergarten to 3rd grade.

pottery barn mini sizes, great for pre-k and camps

pottery barn mini sizes, great for pre-k and camps

If you have a little one in pre-k pottery barn makes really great mini-bookbags that are great for a change of clothes, a lovely, sippy cup and a few pullups.  They also scale their bags and we love the simplicity of the Green and Navy Fairfax Stripe.

a labeled towel/pillowcase

classic school colors monogrammed towel for "rest times"

classic school colors monogrammed towel for “rest times”

I must admit, with a rising kindergartener I was a little thrown with this one! But they use these for their ‘rest time’. I think we all will assume that when it says “labeled with name” it really reads “monogrammed with name”. There must have been a typo on the schools list.  I found a really cute basic towel at target and love this idea for monogramming which we can do for you at Babiology!

a good fleece

I know. It has been 90 degrees outside, but think of our very last 6.5% off ever folks! Then also think of the horrible tears and struggle that ensues and your little student is refusing the giant puffy coat.  A good polartec fleece can help. Super warm and washable, these easy on vests, coats and hoodies can be a morning saver. If you don’t want to spend the price, Babiology has already put out some great options:

easy on widgeons are great through the whole winter.

easy on widgeons are great through the whole winter

The Widgeon is perfect for pre-k.  Two tabs and your done, a hood to cover ears and two years worth of wear makes this an easy and perfect pick for the littlest of learners.

patagonia retro-x

waterproof lining and warm shearling make patagonia a great light weight choice in all their styles

Patagonia is the best fleece. In vest and zip ups you can’t beat the need for just a little extra layer of warmth without the weight.

lessons learned

As a mom of a soon to be kindergartener, I picked Velvet’s brain on what to do and not to do. One of the things I was worried about was getting out the door on time. Her suggestion was to start getting in the mind set now.  Starting with the good bedtime routine that will keep everyone (including mom) from being cranky at 6:30 a.m.   Another surprising tip she had was to not get sucked into the “fun” pencils.


Evidently, the erasers are no good and can make our little learners frustrated and accidentally rip all of their hard work. The best pencil, just the good old standard yellow No. 2.

We hope to see you this weekend during Tax Free shopping. We can’t wait to hear about all of the school adventures coming up and the excitement for shopping for the school list of supplies.


New Normal

When we started our blog for Babiology a few months ago we wanted to report on trends and life with kids. What I, Kaitlan, didn’t know when I started writing this blog is that it was preparing me to begin another blog about my son Paxton:

avenging leukemia

avenging leukemia

On April 3rd, our worlds changed and our focus shifted to Cancer and Cancer in our very own child no less. The first month was weary and seemed like so long ago and the second month was filled with  the term: “new normal”.  You just have to find it you know? I don’t know.

During the second month I assumed it meant mourning our past life and trying to figure out a new one. Cancelling summer camps, making health plans with the school nurse and in general just focusing 24/7 on Cancer. Because Cancer was our new normal, right?

During this past month, now three months in,  I have realized it is taking your old life and weaving it into the new as best as possible.  The best part about the weaving is that you get to pick up the threads that made you happy and realize that there is just no time for the ones that did not. In writing Paxton’s caring bridge page I realized that writing made me happy and gave me courage to express things that I could not speak about out loud in our situation.  It was easy to claim this as part of the “new” part of normal, but this morning I realized I also needed to honor the “old” part of normal and weave the two together.

It is kind of like when you have a newborn baby and you let your living room be enveloped by everything baby: the changing table, the porta-crib, the swing and diapers everywhere.  You do this because it is easier for a time. But then you wake up one morning and realize that you want your living room back and your brand new love bug is just going to have to settle for being woven into the house instead of consuming it.

It is o.k. to honor the blog that got my creative writing flowing, even if it veered off onto a different and un-expected path. It is o.k. to write about fashion and parenting and Cancer all at the same time. We all should be able to laugh and cry simultaneously at our own situations.

With that said, the Babiology Blog is officially back! I have missed engaging with our customers in this way and am looking forward to doing it again.  On the cusp of school starting and summer in full swing we have lots to discuss so, stay tuned friends!


hippity hoppity

If you didn’t know already… we LOVE bunnies.  Around this time of year we always think for a short moment we could have a shop bunny! So snugly and sweet we just can’t stand it!  Velvet even has a whole pinterest page dedicated to bunnies like this one:

                                                                                              Source: Uploaded by user via Velvet on Pinterest

With  Easter Bunny themed dresses and outfits coming in the store,  we just squeal with joy and love how they make our shop look so fresh and happy.;ds

There are lots of great things going on this Easter season, but NOFO for us is taking the cake.  They are having their  annual Breakfast with the Bunny, the Princess of Spring and friends on Saturday, March 16th from 9am to 10am. Reservations are required, so sign up soon! Just give them a call at: (919) 821-1240

Then, everyone is invited to come visit Farmer Mary of Winterpast Farms from 10am to 12pm. She’ll be under the tents with bunnies, chicks, and other farm creatures for children to enjoy!  We are so excited, Babiology will be hanging out too, we will have treats for little one’s and last minute Easter shopping.


So come and join us in 5 Points on March 16th, it should be a fun time for all and we can pretend for a quick moment that we have our sweet little bunny that we pine over every season.