Project Runway: Diamonds and Drama

Nothing is more scary than a production shtick no mall cops with guns i mean, Hiedi and the button bag.  The second episode of season 12 starts with some very petrified contestants. Evidently men in black, guns and Hiedi and the button bag are enough to make the designers pee their pants a little.

But alas, the jig is up and all are super excited to realize that they are in the presence of $30 million dollars worth of diamonds dripping from their models ears, necks and arms.

DIAMONDSI am pretty sure this is Alexander’s natural face, but his expression captures the surprise the best.  The contestants are to select their model after their name is drawn from the button bag. Their garment must be befitting and complimenting of the jewels adorning their models.

Yay! Couture, Evening wear!! Oh wait, they only get a day. Well, here comes the hurried extravaganza of organza.  I really have come to loath the lack of time they give these designers for the more detailed challenges. Imagine what they could do with one more day.  Couture takes months,  is an extra day much to ask??

I digress, on to MOOD! I have never seen such a bizarre experience at Mood. Usually it is a frenzied rush. Bumping into one another, running up and down the stairs. Begging their competitors for extra money. But this year, with the contestants in control of their own $4,000 budget for the whole season, some seem to have a pretty relaxed approach so far.

leopard shirtSandro may have been pondering his look while lounging. But Timothy took rummaging for fabric to a whole new level.


Timothy decided to go with scraps, seconds and dead stock (actually Zac Posen’s dead stock as we will find out later).  This led Tim Gunn into the supply room of Mood to talk to Timothy about his vision for his dress and in front of a door that said “this is not a bathroom”, no less.  If you are familiar with the regal-ness that is Tim Gunn, this is waaaay out of his comfort zone!

Before we leave Mood we get a little foreshadowing for the rest of this episode from Sandro.


For reaaaal Sandro! Because 9 minutes into this episode Sandro and Ken start going at each other in the work room. What they are arguing about is unclear but Justin LeBlanc (our home town boy!) is concerned for his safety, worried he may sew through his finger, and makes good on his offer from the first episode.


Removing his cochlear implant, he is now immune to the crazy. I only wish that we were.  There is only more to come.

After the brief spat, Tim comes in to critique. We find out that Brandon is channeling Scarlett O’Hara and making his dress out of drapery fabric, but seems to be pulling it together nicely. Kahindo evidently didn’t watch any previous seasons of Project Runway before arriving and picked silk charmeuse for her fabric, the kiss of death. This material takes down someone every season and it is starting to work it’s evil powers on her.  Alexander is using chiffon, chiffon and more chiffon and seems to be surprised (as best we can tell from his perma-surprise eyebrows) that Tim feels it is too “grandma”.  Lastly, Timothy feels like a “kicked puppy” when Tim tells him he should consider scrapping his “sensor” top looking dress/thing.

Everyone tries to pull it together during the day of the runway. Loreal “kindly” let’s Timothy know that they have eco-friendly makeup available and that it was not tested on unicorns. Then we cut back to my two year old Sadie Sandro.


Sandro loses his cool, again, in attempts to get a steamer to turn on and even enlists the unwilling help of RJ, some production assistant guy. RJ didn’t have time to help Sandro find the “on” button so Sandro proceeds to go in the sewing room and pout.  I swear I have seen my 2 year old, Sadie, do this exact routine. I fully expected him to stand up and stomp his feet or flail on the floor, but I don’t want to spoil any future episodes.

Phew! On to the Runway, the drama is all done and we get to enjoy the fashion aspect of the show! Right? Right? Wrong.

For the first time ever, a runway show is stopped dead in its tracks because of a convulsing and crying contestant.


Helen is distraught over how awful her look is, hey at least she recognizes it. Having a mini-moment, Tim comes over to console her as best he can. Ahh Tim. Just look at his investment in this person already. One Amazing Man!

On with the show! Helen quickly gathers herself back together and the runway show is complete. No real sarcasm or snippy shots from the judges today. I think the contestants have filled the hour with drama well enough.  So on to who won!

Who Won/Who Should Have Won: Kate's ethereal gown

Who Won/Who Should Have Won: Kate’s ethereal gown

On the runway, this is a dress that is too period and fluffy for my personal taste, but when she told her narrative of a princess grabbing and sheet and running through the night, I got it. Her corset work as always is beautiful and the draping of the silk with her narrative were perfect.

However, I do have qualms with the fact that everyone doted on Dom’s green floral frock. I felt it was messy and the un-even trim was distracting. Along with the space age arm swoops on one side, her dress made absolute no sense to me.  I thought Justin or Jeremy could have easily taken her position in the top 3.

Who Lost:

Who Lost: Kahindo's boring yet crazy sheath | Who Should Have Lost: Helen's mess of a dress

Who Lost: Kahindo’s boring yet crazy sheath | Who Should Have Lost: Helen’s mess of a dress

I will say when I saw Kahindo’s dress walk down the runway I winced, the camo nature of the print just seemed to hit the model in all the wrong places. I told ya’ll silk charmeuse was a killer!  BUT I have to say, at the end of the day when a designer says “this is their forte” and do so absolutely miserably as Helen did, you have to send them packing.  This is Kate’s forte too and look where it got her! Either way, this poor model has dodged yet another bullet. First no make-up and shoes and then saggy boobs in front of Heidi! I think she is counting her days for sure.

What did you all think? Did you have to calm your nerves with a glass of wine too? Did your favorite get a shout out yet? Did you have the same expression as Heidi when you found out next week was  another un-conventional challenge?!? See ya next week!

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