summer reading…or not

When I bookmarked this topic, in my head I thought…oh I would love to put together a fun summer reading list for our followers. Then I realized no one wants The Emperor of All Maladies on their summer reading list and now that Velvet has torn her shoulder, well we just aren’t mentally or PHYSICALLY able to read a good book.

What we can do for you here at Babiology is re-cap one of our favorite shows of all time. PROJECT RUNWAY!! Heidi and her minions are back, and the first episode aired last Thursday and here is what we thought!

This season starts out on an oh so clever play on words the “runway”, airplane runway that is! See how they did that?  The designers are challenged to create an article of fashionable clothing out of parachute material. But, first they must run to the color they want the most.


Katie, also previously from season 11, has the ‘eye of the tiger’ and is literally run over in the process of getting the fabric she wanted. Heidi really likes this and sees the ratings already increasing.  I appreciate however, lifetime keeping it classy and moving on swiftly to the designer intro’s vs. an  “i am going to cut you with my shears” segment that has become reality t.v. drama.

Onto the intros, most people are glazed over, but one person is highlighted and well well well…he is home grown!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 5.39.11 PM

Justin LeBlanc, from Raleigh, NC ya’ll!! And yes that is a subtitled “Go Wolfpack!” on Project Runway.  But what his intro focused primarily on is his hearing difference. I loved his attitude towards his peers questions, like, should I face you when I talk: “Just be yourself and if don’t understand you, I’ll let you know. ”  Wow. Words we all could live by really.  He also jested that he had an upper hand in the work room when tensions get high:  “If they get on my nerves all I have to do is turn this (cochlear implant) off.”  I am pretty sure I would need a cochlear  implant as well just to survive the tension much less get an actual garment made!

Another shining star through the muddled intros is Timothy Westbrook.


Sustainable design is an up and coming trend and very important as well, but I just don’t know what to think when someone says they are waiting for a “burning stove challenge”.  Rounding out the festival of individuals is a female veteran, a retired modern dancer, a British dad with twins and a Russian. Should be fun!

During the work room Tim Gunn always comes around and gives his input as their mentor. I only wish I had him as an instructor in design school. His investment in his students and passion for design make him top notch and he is just a gentle loving soul to boot.


Tim’s comments for the contestants are always so valuable to life and to them, thanks Tim! Keep the inspiration coming!

Next the frenzy of runway day ensues. Makeup, hair, re-making a complete article of clothing from scratch! For some it brings noticeable issues. For others a little time for choreography.


I just don’t even know what to say, but this poor model. That has to hurt. Sandro doesn’t seem to be bothered by the excessive amount of skin showing, but everyone else seems correctly disturbed by his design flaws.

In the meantime, Timothy has time for some catwalk 101 lessons.


Again, this poor model. Does no one remember that they have $25K and a modeling contract on the line?!?!  I am all for the advant garde, but he lost me again at “turn your head like you are gently sniffing your armpit.” I can’t make this stuff up people. I feel Timothy and I may be at odds this season.

On to the RUNWAY! If you are a major fan of the show you may have caugth  Tim’s passive aggressive comment “I have always been here but I’m no longer invisible.” zing! Rightly so Tim, your opinion has long been overdue on runway day.

For the first day and being an un-conventional challenge, overall everyone did pretty good. As always Zac Posen is the master of the one liner and he doesn’t fall short in this episode, calling Timothy’s look “tinkerbell at burning man” and Sandro’s look a “slutty cat toy”.   But all the judging aside, I could NEVER imagine doing this in a thousand years and be able to come out with some of the dresses these designers did. That being said though, here is who won and lost and who we thought SHOULD have won and been sent packing!

Branden's gown

WHO WON: Branden’s gown














We loved Braden’s beautiful story of the wind pushing against the body and the full embodiment of the challenge, but there was something so cool and chic about Sue’s red couture-esk number. The pleating was fabulous and the styling was impeccable.

WHO SHOULD HAVE LOST: Sandro's "pin-up" swimwear

WHO SHOULD HAVE LOST: Sandro’s swimwear

WHO LOST: Angela's Dress/Coat/Thing

WHO LOST: Angela’s Dress/Coat/Thing












Wow. Angela’s dress/coat/thing was pretty bland, but the fact that the judges said she needed a pair of pants and managed to completely glaze over the fact that Sandro’s girl was grasping at strings to cover her bits, still has my jaw slack. Again, his poor poor model’s face says it all.

What did you all think?  Are you glad Timothy’s model found her shoes? Have you even ever watched Project Runway? Have you ever admitted in public to watching Project Runway? Ha! Join in on the fun and let us know what you think! See you after the next episode!



2 thoughts on “summer reading…or not

  1. So much to say about this first episode! I do feel bad for Timothy’s model – they have a prize on the line and in the end there isn’t much they can do about their fate, that has to be hard. Sometimes I feel like Timothy is trying to look even more over the top than he is just so he can solidify himself as that ‘goofy character’ and get more air time and publicity. He very well could just be that weird, but I think sometimes he pushes it on purpose. Do you think Zac Posen replaced Michael Kors because of his similar one liner ability?

  2. This is the only show I can say I watch religiously. I love watching what they create and often from nothing. I was shocked that bathing suit went down the runway without even a blink of the designer’s eye. I definitely agree with Heidi’s questioning his taste factor. It will be interesting to see what or more like what doesn’t come next. In regards to Unicorn boy he is strange which is not unusual for an artist. Unique is the word. But this is not a play it’s fashion and at some point the judges will be expecting more out of the clothes than the show he puts on. The only thing that will save his model will be a hail Mary, poor thing. I really saw a lot I liked overall so I am looking forward to what the season brings. I miss Michael….

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