Over It…Until Your Not

I woke up this morning thinking “I am so OVER this rain and weather!”  With glimmering hopes of temperatures in the 60’s and sunny days, Spring has been teasing us for the past several weeks.  My son probably thinks I am performing some version of torture with constantly changing the “rules” of getting dressed every morning.

There are many things we utter these words to, but another one that stuck out in my head this morning was,  “I am so OVER this pregnancy!”  How many of us have said that and then after the discomfort and the pain there is a most joyous change- a breath of life.

One thing we are now over for sure,  are our children getting “too big”.  Our “shop baby”, Sadie, is no longer a baby. Our two-year old, Paxton, is going to kindergarten this coming year.  Our precocious Greta Kate, who professed with tears in her eyes, “I just want to be seven like my sister!” will be 7 this coming month.  Our eldest Emma, the innocent, has begun to peel back the layers of childhood.

Even though we are over it, the saying “they grow up in the blink of an eye” comes to mind.  Their growth and curiosity happen at such a break-neck pace that you really almost don’t notice it.  But the eldest of the four, is slowly pondering the questions of life and we are jolted into slowing down with her and to take notice.

This past weekend, the Baker girls drove to their riding lessons with great anticipation.  A foal had been born the previous week and this was the first time they would get to meet Miss Emmy, the baby.

So sweet and kind, the girls kissed her and petted her and loved on her all day.  But later that evening when Velvet went to say goodnight, Emma had a question, “Mommy, my heart aches, it hurts so much to even think about Emmy. Is this what love is like?”  Yes, sweet girl…sometimes when growing up slows down just enough for you to witnesses it….we are never over that.

emma and emmy greta and emmyOver It…Until Your Not


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