Hip to Be Square: Monogramming

There is an un-dying urge in The South to do several things: drink our tea sweet and cold, grill our food, say “yes ma’am and yes sir,” and…MONOGRAM everything!

There is always that item at the shop we run across, on a near daily basis, and think…where and how BIG can I monogram this?!?! For us, there is 1.) a graphic/typographic nature that we love and 2.) the pure southern joy of a beautifully intricate scrolling monogram like these:

                                                                           Source: ladyinthesouth.tumblr.com via Kaitlan on Pinterest


We have nearly monogrammed every solid surface and put our dear monogrammer, Candler, of GoosiePie Monograms to the test! Luckily she is as cool as a cucumber, because she gets requests from us like: “Hi Candler, I purchased this 1800’s pinafore and I would like a giant “S” on it to hang in my daughters room.” or  “Candler, we saw this really cool idea, can you monogram knit winter gloves?” to “Hey Candler, can you monogram my saddle pads?”


Sadie’s Pinafore


Greta’s saddle pads

Some may say it is antiquated or just “preppy”.  But I think Huey Lewis said it best, “It’s Hip to be Square”.  Designers like Stella McCartney are bringing the love of the monogram back into the light and yet Louis Vuitton has been using their signature monogram since 1896. The need for LV’s monogram?  So that their innovative, stacking, square, waxed canvas luggage cases could not be replicated.


I think for most of us though, a beautiful monogram can make an item look polished, sophisticated and well…personalized.  A piece of silver or linen can all of a sudden become an heirloom and a clothing item can become part of that person or child. When I monogram something for my kids it is not only “theirs” it becomes part of them, part of what identifies them in their personality. It is sweet and touching really and why so many of us go to a monogrammed item for a gift.

This Easter season, the monogram is queen at Babiology (like it ever wasn’t!) and we have the sweetest monogrammed buckets available for Easter through March 3rd.  We thought this was a fun and unconventional twist on the typical Easter basket and we hope you like it too!  If you would like to order or want more details pop in and say “hey” or give us a ring at 919.834.0014. We’re open Tues.-Sat, 10am-5pm.

Monogrammed burlap Easter buckets, $48 for small, $69 for medium, (shown)

easter bucket2


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