Valentine’s Day Wishes

It is upon us, Valentine’s Day. In the world of school aged children and mother’s of school aged children, a very busy time of the month. Lists for the class Valentine’s go out in January and pinterest accounts begin to flutter with aspirations of grandeur for our “children’s” gestures of appreciation for one another. Here is one we particularly loved:

Oh but wait, there is more! Valentine’s Party, 100th Day of School, Spirit Week, Snack Duty and… Elliot the Elephant. Who is Elliot? He is our dear classroom friend that gets to go on great “adventures” with us through out the week. You know “adventures” like: Target, Trader Joe’s, the Babiology stock room, the couch in the living room…the exciting list can go on and on!

Paxton and Elliot

Paxton and Elliot

We know you are all in the same boat with us this week and the following. So good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day to all our fellow mom’s out there, may you not pass out in exhaustion before you get to put on some lipstick, maybe some heels, and kiss the man that made this all happen! We love you all and Babiology wouldn’t be what it is without you!!

K & V


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