No Fuss No Muss…

Multitasking is an understatement for Velvet and I.  Two business owners, friends and mom’s of two kids each, we are constantly trying to find little windows of time throughout the day to get more than one thing done.  So piling everyone in a car to sit and stare at only ONE little person getting a haircut is an excruciating thought.

The scenario started when Velvet’s youngest declared she wanted her bob back after a few months of fun with “long” locks, which stayed in a pony tail on most days.  School, Tutoring, Dance, Riding, Choir…and now a full-blown haircut??


The best way to find new ways to get things done is to complain to your friends.  Over a recent “session” Velvet was recommended Avra.  Avra Joyce and her business Clips on the Go. What an amazing idea! Avra is a 2nd grade teacher at Lacey Elementary, but got her start in cosmetology at Mitchel’s.   Velvet called her up, made an appointment for her to come to her house and here we are!


How much fun! It is like mom washing and cutting your hair in the kitchen sink, except you know…without the bad mom haircut part!

If you would like to contact Avra for an appointment she can be email at!


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